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The following Terms and Conditions apply to the use of the Website www.roweartglass.com and all subordinate Websites (hereinafter named "Website/Websites").

1. Commercial Information, Availability
The information and content on this Website is offered to you by Roweartglass.com for commercial purposes. The Website and the services on the Website are offered to users with no promise of availability or quality whatsoever.

2. Copyright
All content, text and graphics on the Website are protected by copyright. Product names, trademarks and company names of Roweartglass.com are protected by trademark law. Hereinafter all content is named "Copyright Protected Content".

We point out that the use of any part of the Copyright Protected Content is forbidden - in copy, for sales or other purposes - without prior consent. This also applies to the use and duplication in any other way such as copying via "Robot/Crawler"-search engine technology or any other automatic mechanisms. The Copyright Protected Content may not be modified or changed independently from the remainder of the information on this Website.

Furthermore it is forbidden to link to any part of this website without prior consent. The layout of the Websites and these Terms and Conditions may only be copied or used on other websites with prior permission of Roweartglass.com. To link to or replicate information from this website, contact: rowestudios@aol.com

3. Liability
The website reflects the status of information and technology available on the date of publication. Roweartglass.com will not be held responsible for the accuracy and completeness due to subsequent technical modification or changed requirements.
Roweartglass.com will not be liable for any manipulated Websites or failures arising from a force majeure event.

This restriction of liability is not valid in the case of death, damage to health or personal injury be it deliberate, through negligence, through breach of contract arising from the conditions of use and in as much as a liability exists under the laws governing liability. Liability for breach of contractual obligations and damages within this user agreement is restricted to contract typical and predictable damages.

4. Liability for Hyperlinks
In the case of direct or indirect links to third party websites ("Hyperlinks") over which Roweartglass.com has no control, a liability would only occur in those cases where Roweartglass.com had knowledge of unlawful content and would have reasonable cause and the technical possibility to prevent the use of the unlawful content.

Roweartglass.com explicitly declares that at the time of creating hyperlinks, no illegal content was visible on the linked website. Roweartglass.com has no control over or association with the current or future content and copyright of the linked/hyperlinked websites. For this reason, Roweartglass.com explicitly disassociates itself with all content of the linked websites which were changed or adapted after the links were placed. This declaration is valid for all links within Roweartglass.coms own Website presence and third party entries to Guest books, Forum discussions and Mailing lists.

The liability regarding any illegal, incorrect or incomplete content and specifically for any damage which may occur through the use or non-use of such information, lies solely with the publisher of such a linked site and not with the source site of the link which merely refers to the said publication.

5. User Obligations
The user of the Website is bound with each use of the Website, or the services offered, to act in a lawful manner.

The user is not entitled to use mechanisms, software or other routines which could, in combination with the Website, cause damage or disruption to the Site. The user may not take any measures which, as a result, might cause an unreasonable load or strain to the infrastructure.

6. Registration, Denial of Access, Revocation, Cancellation
Users may have to register in order to use all telecommunication services on this or a related Website. There is no right of registration to this Website.

7. Violation of Third Party Patents
Should a third party initiate action against Roweartglass.com due to the violation of patent rights through the use of the website and should the use of the Website be inhibited or forbidden though this action, the user will be held responsible.

8. Changes to these Terms and Conditions
Roweartglass.com reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time and without giving reason. Continued use of the Website following any changes to the Terms and Conditions constitute your acceptance of such changes. If you disagree with any part of the Terms and Conditions, you may not use the site in any way.

9. Governing Law
The terms and conditions of the user agreement are governed solely by U.S. law. Miami, Florida is the place of jurisdiction with respect to commercial and business entities.

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