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Creating art glass was Brian Rowe's passion for over 25 years, ever since discovering the medium while in college. He taught many students during his lifetime and worked closely with his sister Lynne. His eye for unique composition and colors, as well as superb technical craftsmanship, earned him his reputation as one of the best in the industry.

Brian Rowe designed and fabricated well over 800 art glass commissions in the United States and South America since 1973. He specialized in individual, residential and commercial architectural glass. Commissions include sculptural glass, lamps, wall graphics, floor and partition screens, ceilings, domes, windows and entryways.

As designer and master craftsman for Rowe Studios Art Glass, Brian was known for his care and attention to detail in each phase of a project. From imaginative and aesthetic design renderings to excellent craftsmanship, Brian's fabrication skills included glass painting, etched, carved, fused, cast and ¼" to 1" thick hand beveled glass. Brian did all this with great passion until he passed away in 1997.

We maintain that same high level on all counts today, thus the continued success of Rowe Studios Art Glass, Inc. From concept to completion, Rowe Studios has designed and fabricated hundreds of distinctive architectural art glass structures and interior components including doors, skylights, window panels, decorative screens,lampshades and a variety of curio accessories.
  The manner in which the works are composed is equally diverse. It's not unusual for a single piece to showcase the wide range of talents in glass painting, etching, carving, beveling and fusing. Combined, they form a singular objet d'art to be enjoyed for many generations.  
Lynne Rowe owns and operates the Miami studio with the same dedication as did Brian, working closely with interior designers and homeowners to create pieces customized exclusively for a particular environment. Together, all parties discuss application, design motif, color palettes, size specifications, and budget. Once design sketches are approved, our Studio team retreats into creative mode and returns with yet another work of art to add to the "Rowe of Masterpieces" from Rowe Studios Art Glass, Inc.
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